Teaser Talk: Action Packed With Intriguing Premise

The mystery of Naga Shaurya’s up and coming flick Aswathama is out. The center reason of the motion picture has been enough settled in a straightforward way. Naga Shaurya is accompanying an unmitigated activity performer in Aswathama. The mystery is loaded with the ‘activity’ shots, and they are done astoundingly well. It would appear that greatest exertion has been put on getting the battles right, and it appears in the impression we get past the bother. Other than the battle, the summon of ‘Rakshasudu’ and ‘Rahasyam’ recommends some captivating plot. A mix of these components could be deadly in the cinematic world when done right. Chief Ramana Teja has extraordinary potential to the extent the subject is concerned. A smooth trailer next should wrap everything up the extent that expectation is concerned. We need to see at that point how captivating incidentally, visually. Naga Shaurya, other than being the lead, additionally gives the account of Aswathama. Mehreen Pirzada plays the female lead in the activity spine chiller. Look at the secret underneath. Aswathama is good to go to discharge worldwide on January 31st. Usha Mulpuri produces the film on Ira Creations flag. Sricharan Pakala gives the music.

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