Deverakonda Delighting Actress with Real Tight Hug

it is a fantasy for some young ladies to meet their attractive legend Vijay Deverakonda who just realizes how to charm his young fans with his hypnotizing demeanor. His vitality acquires the fervor to the fans and that you can see here where the occasion have is going gaga over the tight embrace that she got from the legend. She Priyanka Deshpande, is a realized Tamil TV grapple who has additionally performed for a melody in a Tamil film this year. Priyanka was the host for the evening and when Vijay was in front of an audience he pleased her with the sweet signal which the young lady is appreciating as she imparts the image via web-based networking media to all joy. Vijay Deverakonda is as of now resolved to bring back his blockbuster days and have a few potential undertakings under work. His prompt trip being World Famous Lover, Vijay is likewise caught up with gracing occasions and demonstrating for his very own garments image, Rowdy where he is tossing some befuddled style objectives on the off chance that you comprehend what we mean.

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